The Platinum Complete Vehicle Appearance Care Program

When you follow the Vehicle Care Program outlined below, you give your car the best chance of looking good for years to come. We believe in this program and have demonstrated the results over and over.

Exterior Vehicle Care Program (Paint and Clearcoat)

  1. Every 6 months (spring and fall) have a Blue Coral Orbital Wax done. This is a highly protective, polymer coating for the surface of your vehicle. This is most important to protect the surface from the damage that is caused by the sun, acid rain, and chemicals that are found on the roadways. You may wish to have the added protection of a paint sealant applied once a year to extend the life of the paint on your new vehicle. (An orbital wax is included as the exterior portion of a Bumper to Bumper detail)
  2. Once a quarter, we recommend that you have our specially formulated Bob’s Hot Wax applied to extend the life of the Orbital Wax. This wax is included in our Manager’s Special Spa. It has a 2 to 3 month life and is designed to fill in the wear on the Orbital Wax
  3. At least 2 to 3 times a month get a car wash that includes the Blue Coral Velocity Clearcoat Protectant or RainX Complete Surface Protectant. This is our Supreme wash and Ultimate wash respectively. They are designed to go hand in hand with the Orbital Wax and Bob’s Hot Wax to preserve and extend the life of the exterior of your vehicle. The Ultimate Wash is available in our monthly subscription program.

Interior Vehicle Care Program (Carpets, Seats, Dash and Door Panels)

  1. Once a year get a full service Interior Detail. This service includes but is not limited to: shampoo the carpets, shampoo cloth seats, clean and condition leather seats, clean and condition dash and door panels, clean and blow out vents, and clean out all of the nooks and compartments. You can combine this service with a Blue Coral Orbital Wax and it becomes our full service Bumper to Bumper Detail.
  2. Once a quarter we recommend that all the leather be cleaned and conditioned. You can do this by combining our Interior Spa with Express Seats. This is really effective at removing grease, grime, and perspiration and reducing drying that can accelerate the cracking and splitting of the leather. We use a cream protectant designed to protect the leather from the effects of heat and sunlight.
  3. At least 2 to 3 times a month, we recommend that you get your vehicle thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned to maintain a good clean environment for travel and to remove items that may cause odors and mildew or that may damage your carpets and upholstery.