Ceramic Coating

Protect your investment with an unique hydrophobic coating and process for your vehicle’s exterior.

Hydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coating

Ultimate RainCoat

Ultimate RainCoat is a third-generation hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating developed for the auto industry to protect each vehicle’s clearcoat. It is scientifically proven to protect against:

  • Long Term Weathering
  • Acid Rain
  • Bug Splats
  • Bird Droppings
  • UV Damage
  • Salt and surface corrosion
  • Sand etchings
  • Spider scratches

Protect Your Investment

Best on the Market

Until now, it has been challenging to make hydrophobic coatings durable. Technological applications such as self-cleaning coating surfaces are often subjected to mechanical abrasion that causes the coating to erode over time losing hydrophobicity. Thin film application and constant erosion make long-term retention of hydrophobicity very difficult, as can be seen in the illustrations of Competitor 1 and Competitor 2.

The Results – After simulating over 10 years of heavy weathering


31 Step Process

Ultimate RainCoat is available exclusively through professionally trained and certified dealers! Ultimate RainCoat Dealers are certified only when they pass their exacting “31 step process” training program. The resulting quality from application and product comes with a 10 year transferable warranty. Platinum Auto Spa is a trained and certified dealer!

What Our Clients Say About Our Ceramic Coating

Ultimate RainCoat was used on my ’98 Caddy and I saw a sparkle in the paint that makes me so proud!

Steve A.


Any dirt or water just rolls off.

Kelly K.


I’m a car collector and I protect my investment with Ultimate RainCoat on all my cars!
Ryan F.


We trust our car wash and auto detail guy, but this is by far the best shine he has ever achieved for us!
Scott and Karen